Thursday, May 19, 2011

the opposite of love is...

my elder sister asked me over lunch "what is the opposite of love?"

without hesitation and a sure note i answered, "Hate!".

then she said, the answer is not hate and explained it to me.. and it totally made sense.

Love and Hate are parallel to each other. Like in geometry, they will never meet. The opposite of love is total indifference. - not hate.

when you hate someone it just means that the person means something to you.  it means that you care so much that you hate him for hurting you or disappointing you. Love is therefore present.

you only stop loving the person when you don't care anymore. you don't get that jump feeling or rush when you hear something about that person. you just don't care. in this case, love is totally out of the picture.

remember to assess your feelings and understand them clearly. :) remember that hate doesn't mean you don't love the person anymore.. it just means you love them more. :)

there goes the saying : "The more you hate the more you love" right?

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