Monday, May 16, 2011

one sunny afternoon .. :)

Yesterday was Sunday and I just got off from my last duty from the hospital. Yay! My family went here in Baguio to have bonding time because it had been weeks ago since we saw each other due to our tight schedules. it's my first day out too that's why I decided to dress up. :)

 loose-lacy pink tiop - Bayo
brown shorts - Kashieca
brown kitten heeled shoes - Celine
white watch- DKNY
white belt - Sister's Closet

yep, LACE! :)
 I really loved the style and details of the shirt that's why i fell in love with it at first sight. I am telling you. It's the last piece then, and they even have to remove this top out of the mannequin. hihi :)

tuck it in.. :)
i love to tuck my shirt. it gives this sophisticated vibe to the person wearing it. that's how I see it (i hope i portray the same) haha :)

this is me watching over my cousin inside this balloon. :)

there goes me. :) lovelots!


  1. Love ur top!! Thanks for posting wonderful comment on my blog! Follow me? ;]