Monday, May 30, 2011

Color Thy World

Pink Ruffled Kamiseta Top
Purple Embroidered Skirt
White Silver based Belt
White VNC Heels
two of my favorite colors (purple and pink) paired with each other - LOVE! :) balanced with white belt and shoes :)
When I bought this shoes VNC was on promo. Buy 3 get 1 free! :) just sharing. :p
 Outfit put together for a dinner party :) i was sooo pissed at the venue 'cause it was raining hard and my shoes got wet! darn rain!

anyways, the colors, I know, are too teenager but who doesn't want to feel and look younger, eh?

Play with colors! They're fun. :) they're here for something. :D


  1. I realized I wasn't a follower of this blog yet. but well, until now:)

  2. found u from chictopia! very nice blog.. enjoyable to read and nice pics. following now! :) hope you could drop by my blog as well! :) toodleloo! :)