Monday, January 23, 2012

Who I Am

Hello there blog friends! How have you been? It's a new year for the Chinese people today, so I decided to post up a NEW blog entry! =D
This has been in my files for a long time now (Again, I'm sorry for not updating more often).. My wonderful brother took this photo in our garden. He has been complaining that he's not receiving enough credit for the photos he takes of me. Soo, I thank the sweetest person I know in this planet - my little brother! =D
I was feeling gaga and happy that day so I decided to wear my favorite colors! I also learned that my colors are the lucky ones for the year 2012 so I was feeling lucky that day too! For your information, Green is the lucky color for the first half of the year and Yellow for the other half. Source? My Aunt. Haha!
|Plains&Prints Green Top|
|SM Department Store Yellow Leggings|
|Crocs - Shoes|
That's all for now guys! Kiong Hee Huat Tsai! -_-
You can also find this look on Lookbook! Thanks again for your time and support! I leave you now with this beautiful song "Who I Am" by David Archuleta. Love Love! <3


  1. I love these colours together! You look absolutely gorgeous! Also, I am such a huge David Archuleta fan, it is ridiculous! Love that you posted one of his songs! :)

  2. happy new year dear! lovely color combo and i wish i had yellow legging on my closet! soo adorable

  3. GASP!!! lovely lovely lovely neon hosiery!

  4. Hey! you comment me a few months ago, and my blog was totally abandoned. But I decided to restart it a few day ago. You've asked me about my header I didn't made it, I wish I can draw something beautiful like this.
    I love the colour combo that you are wearing in the photos!

    PS: I'm following you now

  5. Your style is so nice dear! :)
    You are just very pretty.

    Your new follower is greeting you!


  6. fun styling ;) love it ;)

  7. lovely leggings!


  8. So cute, I love the colors!!
    I have one blog award for you