Monday, December 19, 2011

Hey Daydreamer

Hello blog friends! So here I am again to share with you an outfit!
I wore this outfit during a birthday party. :) Actually, I wore it when I attended mass that morning and got lazy to wear another for the evening party.. Teehee! :p
The flats, I borrowed from my mother.  We lend each other stuff all the time. The perks of having a mother with your shoe size! Oh yeah! :D
This dress is once again tailored. I have a couple of tailored pieces because I was kind of choosy with dresses way back when I was in high school. My elder sister on the other hand are fond of fashion magazines, therefore, we browse them and have the dresses we like copied. :) My mother and Nanay usually do the cloth shopping to be used for our dress! :p (Free stuff for us!)
Dress - Tailored
Flats - CLN
You can also find this look on Lookbook!

I leave you now with this catchy song by Somedaydream. Enjoy! :)


  1. Love the dress.

    I borrow from my mom too. :)



  2. You look so pretty in that pink dress. Like you, my mom and I share a lot of things.

    xo Cherry

    loving hey daydreamer? haha me too.

  3. Lucky for you to have the same shoe size with your mother. I love my Mom's high-heeled shoes! Sayang. Nice post!:)

  4. I can't wait for summer and wear light clothing. :D

    Merry Christmas, Carina!

    Thinking Out Loud

  5. Love your blog chica
    following you now
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  6. you are the sweetest little thing x

    take a peep. my new blog

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