Sunday, September 25, 2011

Plains & Prints

Hello! I'm working already and I want to share with you what I wore on my first day. c:

I always pair my printed items with my plain ones. I like my outfit as simple as possible but remain the chicness of it. :D
As you can see at my back, our Christmas Tree is now set up. Yes, we doll up the house and fill it with purple Christmas decors as early as the Ber-months strike in. :D
Top - Tomato
Pants - Plains&Prints
Flats - S.O. Fab

You can also find this in Lookbook. Hype if you like. :D Thanks very much! c:


  1. Welcome to real world:) work work for your dream:) I agree with you if your top are printed or to much color and print going on pair it with a plain one:)

    I love your house..almost Christmas:)

    Following you now hope you follow back and meet you:) I'm planning to visit baguio:)

  2. very cute - and that is certainly devotion to xmas x

  3. Hi There,
    Thank you for visiting my blog and such nice comment. You look so cute in those high waist harem style pants. The thin belt is a perfect add-on.

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  5. i so envy you! it's Christmas already in your home! :) Oh and I love the color of your flats from So! Fab.

    Followed you already! :)

  6. cute top, I like the print as well as the yellow belt you added, the cropped pants are a nice touch as well!

  7. The pattern of your top is really lovely.
    Such a cute blog girl!


  8. Love your house, I can now feel that Christmas is almost coming! :) YAY for the simplicity of this look! I love it :)


  9. oh, so cute! i love your top! thanks for following my blog, followed back, sis!

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  10. hello babe, I love your house, feels like its Christmas already :) Love your fats babe! and I think I have the same pair of trousers like yours. :)

    Followed you back. :)

  11. aww i love the trousers with the super skinny yellow belt, so adorable!

    cute blog :)


  12. I want this outfit..
    Great Blog hun, I'm a new follower..
    Follow me back??

    MiMi ♥..
    Make-up Overdose

  13. very nice outfit, simple and yet making a statement of style and chicness... :)

  14. I like the print on your top. Cute outfit. Thanks for sharing the photos and feel free to drop by me too, soon.

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  16. love how the print on the bow of your shoes complements the print of your top. :D

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥