Thursday, September 01, 2011

Declutter? :)

Hello! it's September already, yeees! and as promised I will be updating my blog as much as possible. but for now, I want to share the link of my other blog entitled In My Shoes. :) I made another blog so that this blog "The Apples of my Eye" will be solely about fashion, style, self expression, beauty, girly stuff and the like. :)

so what will be the content of my second blog?

well, This blog will be my everyday journal, I am a frequent mind wanderer, and sometimes I get so full of thoughts I explode. I have only few people to talk to and share my experiences with that's why this blog will also be a friend. :) a very dear friend.

I love FOOD. I will surely blog about good food, new restaurants, recipes and experiments. :)

Bookworm and a Movie Buff. I love to read books. ChicLit, Mystery, Romance. Movies&Series are my past time that's why I'll try to squeeze reviews too! :D

I'll be linking this blog with my second one in every post! :) so there, maybe you could check it out some time too. :D

Thank you very much! :D


  1. I hope your new blog is about food! foodblogs are awesome <3