Saturday, July 30, 2011

In the Woods

Hello! : How are you blog friends? :) What's keeping you busy? well if you ask me I'm sooo caught up with studies. I'm preparing for something that will make or break my future. :)) My days' been a routine and I'm out of my schedule already. But no panic yet. I can still handle it. :D

Anyways, these photos are from a couple of weeks ago. It's only now I found time to post it. :D
 I went out to review. I needed to. 'cause if I stay home i'll just end up not accomplishing anything. I sleep, watch tv or just surf the net. like NOW! haha
Just goofin' around. :)
it's been raining for weeks now in Baguio. darn. I hate rain when I'm out or have plans to go out. but when I'm home I LOVE rain. :) it's a nice time for family bonding, movie marathon,lay in bed  and more stuff. :)
In the woods. haha! i love Camp John Hay. It's a part of Baguio where it feels like you're in an another country. :) I tried capturing the view of the place but it doesn't give it justice at all. you should definitely come and see it for yourself. :)
I just noticed that whenever I wear this pair of shoes, it rains hard! damn cursed shoes. haha! but i still love them!
Blazer - Plains&Prints
Jumper - Crissa
Shirt - Giordano
Shoes - Lacoste
Headpiece - MIC

that's all for now blogger friends! until my next post! :D