Sunday, June 12, 2011

Firm Believer

when I asked for my father’s permission to go out and meet my friends he had a big smile. :) why? ’cause according to him I looked like my Mama. :D i dress like her when she was younger, like my age. :)

something to wear on a first casual date. :) or a day out with friends just like I did. :) On our second meet up this is what I put together for an outfit. :D

L-R Mia, Kezsa Geovalyn
three of the best friends I had. :) the group decided to give Geovalyn a visit because she hasn't returned our calls or replied to our messages. Luckily, she was home when we did. :) then we asked her parent's permission for her to come with us.

Ann and Donna
yes, we LOVE to laugh. :) every after meet up our tu,,ies hurt because of too much laughter. :) I love this pic, I was lucky to get this shot. :D

Blue and White Striped Blouse - Kamiseta
Pants - Plains&Prints
T strapped Sandals - CLN
Brown Wathc - Philip Stein
Brown Gold based Belt - Sister's Closet

Photographed by: Oscar "Joseph" Gironella - brother


  1. Thank you for stopping by dear! You take great pictures!X

  2. ooh thank you! Btw followed you! Keep posting. :)

  3. Nice outfit! Such a sweet story about your fathet who thinks you look like your mother when she was your age!
    Thank you so much for following girl, you're my 100th follower! I'm glad you like my style :)


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  5. youre welcome. :) thanks too Marissa! :D