Friday, April 22, 2011


I've decided to do a cover of Out of Reach by Gabrielle because this song is very close to me and my jasmine family (High school friends) :)

you might be wondering what connection we have with this song. It's merely because every time we have a get-together this song is never missed out in the list of our karaoke jamming. and for the reason that the title fits the standing of each member of the group - OUT OF REACH! haha

after our graduation in HS (which was four years ago) we had difficulty of pulling of a get together wherein we were all present. it wouldn't be a get together if one or two were missing right? until, we decided to just go for it in spite the reasons and blah blah. :))

the most recent get together was couple weeks ago, check this link for photos. :) --> RE UN ION

and here's the cover. :)

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