Sunday, March 13, 2011

my first vacation, EVER. :)

i am 21 years old and it's only now that I experienced a real vacation..

why just now? my family is the busy kind. they can't leave work, that's why.. My papa wasn't even with us during our trip because someone has to be left back home. :/ sad right?

sooo, we had our vacay in Manila. It was a two day break from my daily routine. I felt really happy because, at last, I'll be experiencing something different. :)

First day: TRINOMA
 - shopping! my buys? hmmm.. as I recall I bought a lipgloss, a dress and Brogues. :) that's it. hehe ooh, and FOOD. :) we had our lunch at OKI OKI, it's a japanese restaurant. yummy! it's my third favorite cuisine (next to chinese and filipino)their CRAZY MAKI is a'll definitely go crazy! :p

in the afternoon, we checked in at SOFITEL. it has a view overlooking Manila Bay. we checked out the entire hotel as we arrived.They have a big pool with slides and a waterfall. The hotel has it's own spa and casino also.It had complimentary cocktail for us too, yay! i remember seeing mini burgers, tarts, sushi, french bread, mushroom and all kinds of fruit.

@5pm, we left the hotel to watch the fountain show in Aquatica, Ocean Park. the show was amazing! it's really for kids though.. my brother Joseph went there for their field trip and he really enjoyed it that's why he insisted that we go see it also.. he kept saying what would come next the entire show.. :)

for dinner, we were craving for fast food. KFC! good thing there was one on the way.. we had it to go and ate at the hotel. after dinner, POOL TIME! :) damn, the water was freezing cold. we opted to take a dip in the evening so that there would be less people in the pool. i don't like crowded pools. hihi the pool was deep. hmm, 8 feet! the pool was only open until 11pm, the watcher called our attention by then.. aaw.

my head really ached the whole night because of the water. we planned to have another dip in the morning but as the morning came, I really didn't have he gana already.. :)

Second Day: S&R, Serendra

we had complimentary breakfast. it was like an around-the-world breakfast tour. :) they had chinese, japanes, french, american, and of course the unbeatable FILIPINO! i had a taste of every cuisine and nothing compared to our way of breakfast. 

next: grocery shopping at S&R. :) i don't like grocery shopping. but this time it's different. i loved it. first time! :) the shop had free taste everywhere! juice, cakes, steak, unlimited this.. unlimited that. anyone would love to shop there! ooh and they have Ben&Jerry's IceCream!! ooh i've been wanting to have a taste of that, and I did. :) it was yummy. I liked the Strawberry Cheesecake.

had lunch in Sentro, Serendra. they're known for the Sinigang na Corned Beef. weird noh? we also had Rated GG (that's their version of galunggong), fresh lumpia, and ribs. buurp!

we still had time to stroll around, and as I was doing so I saw this bookstore. a different bookstore. that's it's name. :) it has Starbucks as it's coffee shop. oh ha! I entered and browsed the books. and lucky me, I saw the book I have been longing to have. it became my favorite bookstore after. :)

this was our last stop before heading home.

the trip was surely an unforgettable one. and my siblings and I wish for another soon. I hope Papa could come along already though.. it was a nice break from school, laboratory duties, paper works, books and the usual...

and as we arrived home - snap! back to reality.

PS. for more pics, visit my FB page. :)

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